Blue Skies Bakery Mission

  • Quite simply, to make the best breads & granolas that you can find in the Columbia River Gorge, the Pacific Northwest, & beyond.

Our Goals

  • To make flavorful and healthful products, using the highest quality ingredients - including exclusively organic ingredients for our Blue Heaven Leaven loaves & primarily organic + local ingredients for our granolas - and time tested methods including natural leavening, long fermentation, & hand shaping. 
  • To get high quality breads & granolas into our community:  we do this through sales to both large & small outlets located from rural Klickitat County, WA to urban Portland, OR, and also via regular donations to our local schools & food banks.
  • To be good, local employers, providing regular work in our rural community.
  • To be a simple & sustainable small business:  from sourcing organic & local ingredients, creating and maintaining efficient operations, using minimal packaging, & consolidating our distribution as much as possible, we strive to do good work while treading lightly on our planet .
  • To be a thriving year round business.