Bread & Pizza Dough

Our Blue Heaven Leaven loaves are hand built with high quality ingredients and many hours of loving labor.  The ingredients are simple and wholesome: organic flours, water, and salt.  We never use additives or preservatives.  All of our breads are GMO free. The dough is mixed and then gently hand folded periodically while the dough ferments.  The loaves & rolls are then hand shaped and proofed at cold temperatures to maximize the depth of flavors and digestibility of the bread.  The loaves are finally baked in a hearth oven to give us just the right crust and crumb.

We offer our loaves finish baked or par baked (partially baked) and ready for you to bake off in your restaurant or home kitchen.  

More about our Blue Heaven Leaven

Blue Heaven Leaven is our signature bread. Combining organic flour with natural leaven (local wild yeast + beneficial bacteria) & over 72 hrs of fermentation, our Blue Heaven Leaven is a wonderfully balanced bread.  It is easy to digest, & deeply satisfying to eat.  The long cold fermentation and the cold proofing techniques we employ bring out a complexity of flavor from the rye and wheat flours that we are particularly fond of.  The long fermentation also makes the bread much more digestible due to the time allowed for the natural enzymes in the flours to do their work.  This means that the bread is also healthier because of the increased availability of nutrients. Blue Heaven Leaven keeps especially well, again due to the natural leaven.  More information on storage and finish baking is here.


Ingredients - no GMOs ever:

  • Organic White Wheat Flour
  • Water (pure & untreated)
  • Organic Whole Wheat Flour
  • Organic Rye Flour
  • Natural Leaven (made with Organic Wheat Flour, Pure Untreated Water and Wild Yeast from the air)
  • Untreated Sea Salt
When I serve Blue Heaven Leaven at the office or a potluck, it is the first to disappear! People rave about the delicious flavor and texture. I especially love serving it as a dipping bread for olive oil and spices. And knowing that there are healthy ingredients & a long culture process is a double bonus.
— Anita Pearl, buyer at Azure Standard

Pizza Dough

Our NY style pizza dough makes a fabulous thin crust pizza and beautiful calzones.  The edges rise & puff in the oven while turning a gorgeous golden brown.  And flavor is pretty heavenly too!

Ingredients - no GMOs, ever:

  • Unbleached White Wheat Flour
  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Untreated Sea Salt
  • Yeast
  • Semolina
Awesome. So good. Delicious, fabulous. Bravo!!! Perfect for calzones, just perfect. Came out golden brown. My compliments completely.
— Arife Ozkan, Chef & Owner, Trout Lake Country Inn

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